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Powermaster Industrial Supplies have had the honor to work and supply some of the most prestigious companies in North America.
In 2014 we equipped the new Tesla Motor Company assembly plant in California with our Spring Balancers and the BMW Motor Company plant in Georgia.
Within our Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tooling divisions we continue to build our customer base on Quality, Price and Availability.

Outlook for 2016

We will continue to build our inventory to include a large pipeline fabrication division. This will include Hydraulic and manual torqueing equipment and a large range of pipe beveling machines including plate bevellers.

You can be assured 2016 will be:
Quality Guaranteed, Price and Availability adjusted to our customer requirements.

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Pipeline and Bolting tools.

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SWA Series Spring Balancer with added safety feature.

SWA Series with a wire arrest mechanismThese balancers are provided with a wire arrest mechanism, which locks the drum pulley in the case of tool disengagement. These balancers are available for a capacity from 9 - 70 kg and have all the features of SWF balancers. These balancers are primarily used with welding guns and applications where chances of the wire being cut or the tool disengages due to accidental failure are higher.

Prior to the safety initiatives and modifications implemented by Powermaster the older designed balancers had only limited safety provisions.

Existing Safety Features in all Powermaster Balancers:

Within the balancer the enclosed spring assembly has safety pins which will lock the drum in the event of a spring failure and thus prevents injury to the operator and the fall of costly production equipment.

Rugged Construction
Main housing and cover plate are manufactured from high tensile light weight Aluminum Alloy for maximum resistance against impact and ease of handling. Upper support hook assembly and Bottom suspension hook assemblies are manufactured of forged steel to provide maximum safety. Standard flexible wire rope is used for cables to provide good flexibility and fall safety.

Tapered Cable Drum
Unique cable drum design matches the middle turns of spring, where the optimum torque build-up is constant. This design feature provides smooth, and even cable tensions throughout the entire length of cable travel.

Automatic Drum Lock
If Spring tension declines sharply, an automatic locking mechanism immediately engages, preventing the load from falling.

Manual Drum Lock
Suspended tools can be changed easily by engaging the manual drum lock. After tool or cable has been replaced - WITH FULL LOAD ATTACHED, manual drum lock can be released - DO NOT RELEASE MANUAL DRUM LOCK WITHOUT ATTACHING FULL LOAD. This can be done on the job site in minutes, without removing tension on the balancer cable. This convenience makes change over safe, simple and quick, reducing costly down time.

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SWA Series Spring Balancers call for pricing SWA Series Spring Balancers call for pricing