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Powermaster Industrial Supplies have had the honor to work and supply some of the most prestigious companies in North America.
In 2014 we equipped the new Tesla Motor Company assembly plant in California with our Spring Balancers and the BMW Motor Company plant in Georgia.
Within our Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tooling divisions we continue to build our customer base on Quality, Price and Availability.

Outlook for 2016

We will continue to build our inventory to include a large pipeline fabrication division. This will include Hydraulic and manual torqueing equipment and a large range of pipe beveling machines including plate bevellers.

You can be assured 2016 will be:
Quality Guaranteed, Price and Availability adjusted to our customer requirements.

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Pipeline and Bolting tools.

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SWF Series Spring Balancers in the Workplace.

Spring Tool Balancer in action.The SWF Series Spring balancers are the most popular series due to their range of capacity and also their range of vertical travel.
This series capacity ranges from 0.5 kg up to 200 kg and the vertical range of travel is from 1.00 meter up to 2.5 meters.

The spring balancer can be found carrying out numerous types of work including tool balancing on production lines to supporting hoses  etc. These units can be used inverted also if the design requirements require the need.
The list is endless and will continue to grow.

 On the face of the unit is the indicator dial which gives the operator an indication of the weight being balanced. This also shows the minimum and maximum for the balancer selected. On the reverse of the unit is a lock assembly. This allows the unit to be locked in position or in the release position. Also you will find the Balancer weight adjustment screw. This adjustment increases or decreases the balance weight.

If it should happen that the wire rope gets pinched or cut then the replacement is simple and the balancer can be back in operator within 10 ten minutes. This is also true about the spring, after many hours of service, sometimes the spring may need replacing. The spring comes in a contained unit which make change out all the more safe and easy for the operator to replace.

SWF Series Spring Balancers - Standard and Long Reach

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SWF Series Standard Reach SWF Series Long Reach